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Services to cover any need


At YouNoodle, our goal is to help you create the most successful program possible, which is why our dedicated team is always ready to support you. We know that sometimes your needs go beyond YouNoodle Compete, but rest assured that we got you covered. Over the years, we have developed a portfolio of services tailored to any need you might have as a program manager and organizer.

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Best Practice Advisory

Designing a program from scratch can be challenging, and will undoubtedly call for research and insights.


Our team of experts will help you outline the best application process, judging criteria, and overall program framework to fit your needs.


Application form

Having a successful program starts with the application form. We help you define program rules, communications, and share best practices for application questions to optimize participation and data collection.


Program Timeline

The optimal time for launching your program, for  receiving applications and for  judging them, will depend on your specific needs. We are here to guide you through all stages and ensure you meet all milestones on time.


Evaluation form

An unbiased judging process starts with creating evaluation forms and criteria that justly assess the applicant. We help you develop an evaluation process that will lead you to achieve the desired outcome.

Program Management

Managing a program from start to end is a time-consuming affair. We have account managers who will assist with your program's seamless set-up and execution, providing support throughout your program.

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Daily Operations

Keeping track of all the critical milestones can be time-consuming. We help you with day-to-day operations and support all aspects of the program.

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Stakeholder Management

Running a program means juggling different stakeholders. Our team will help you ensure a seamless process and experience for all involved stakeholders.



Measuring a program's reach, impact, and results is crucial for guaranteeing a program's continued success. We provide a final report comparing objectives to outcomes.

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Applicant Sourcing

Reaching suitable applicants for your program can sometimes be challenging without target efforts. 

We will provide targeted sourcing services, which include pinpointing and motivating highly relevant applicants to participate in your program.



Scouting for targeted applicant profiles takes time. Are you interested in scouting applicants for your program? No problem, we'll give you the intel you need and leave the rest to you.



Reaching the right audience calls for a targeted campaign. Get applicants interested in your program by promoting it within a targeted area of startups or entrepreneurs.



Recruiting your applicants will leave less room for surprises. Let us find the winners of your program. Our community of experts will make sure to recruit the best profiles for your program. 

Judge Recruitment

To ensure your applicants are fairly evaluated, you need qualified judges. We offer recruitment, training, and management of external experts from our network of judges with many years of supporting efforts like yours.

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Big or small, all programs need judges to evaluate the received applications. We offer judge recruitment sourced from our network of industry experts and judges with years of experience as evaluators.



We offer judge training and webinars to walk the judges through your program's criteria and requirements and show them how to use the platform, answering any technical support inquiries before the launch the rounds.

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Keeping track of a prominent judge group can be tedious. We assist you in managing all judge efforts, including communications, application assignments, and ensuring timely evaluations.

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Marketing & Awareness

To get the word out about your program, you will need some extent of marketing effort.


Our marketing and applicant sourcing services help you engage with the most qualified applicants and talent within our network who fit your program scope.

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Digital Marketing

Fear not if you do not have access to the right audience. We can help put your program in the spotlight through combined digital efforts like our newsletter, social media communication, and our online featured program section. Depending on your goals, we will tailor a campaign with one or all of these services.

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Outreach Campaign

Ensuring that your campaign reaches the right target takes practice. We will help by targeting qualified and vetted applicants for your program. Segmented by industry, location, and relevant keywords, we tap into a targeted subset to let them know about the opportunity.


Channel Partnership

Sometimes the right audience for your program can be found with a partner. We will help you find that partner, and through the work, we do with our worldwide network of partners we help highlight and promote your program within their audiences, helping you reach your target.

24/7 Tech Support

Technology can sometimes be tricky, but the YouNoodle team is here to support you. 


We offer technical support all year round to all our platform users, ranging from account creation to application submission, program setup, editing, and accepting platform invitations


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Your focus is on creating the most compelling application possible - let us worry about the technical part of the process. We are here to assist you with any inquiries as you sign up, create, and submit your application.



Setting up a program and ensuring all the details are correct takes time and effort. We are here to support you if you get stuck or want to learn how to optimize your use of our platform.



You are summoned for your industry expertise, but maybe that is not in tech. Do not worry,  we got you covered. We are here to assist you with any inquiries as you confirm your role, review, and submit your evaluations.

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