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About Us

We empower entrepreneurs across the globe

YouNoodle was founded in 2010 by Torsten Kolind and Rebeca Hwang. We walked a long way to proudly becoming a remote and global team with a growing presence in the Americas and Europe, with headquarters in San Francisco.

We are a highly passionate, reliable, committed team who consistently raises the bar to launch the most exceptional programs, helping improve each one of them year over year.



We treasure diversity and a gender-balanced team as fuel for creativity. We respect our differences and value the opinion of everyone in the achievement of common goals.


We trust our teammates and know we can count on each other to get things done. My team can rely on me, because we take responsibility for our work.


We enjoy doing what we do, and by being ourselves and feeling connected to our purpose, we foster positivity and happiness.


We are passionate about our work and we love giving back to the startup community. We put our hearts into everything we do, and that shows.


Team spirit is essential when you work as a remote team. We desire and are willing to collaborate and support each other whenever needed.


Transparency and honesty are corner pillars of who we are. Transparency allows us to create trustworthy and safe relationships with each other and with our clients & partners.


We always strive to support one another as well as our clients & partners in any endeavor.


We are driven by our purpose and the intention for everyday work to be meaningful, not just for us but for whoever is on the receiving end.


We have an open mind to new ideas, we question the status quo, and we have the willingness to go against the convention to respond to any situation.

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