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YouNoodle Applicants

Applicants on YouNoodle have many faces. Some are entrepreneurs, some are SMEs or non-profits, and some are university students.


Your background might vary, but one thing applies to all of you. You are all here in the search of opportunities. Opportunities like funding, mentoring, acceleration, and more.

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“I think it is great. Also, it is simply great that it automatically saves

and you can always come back to continue from where you left off.”

YouNoodle Applicant

“The YouNoodle Platform is well-organized, simple, and easy to use.”

YouNoodle Applicant

"The YouNoodle Platform is a very user-friendly tool. The draft feature and .pdf export feature are very helpful.”

YouNoodle Applicant

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400,000 applicants

On YouNoodle

2,500+ competitions

On YouNoodle

200+ competitions

are added each year

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