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YouNoodle Judge Network

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At YouNoodle, we know the value of having highly qualified, diverse, and motivated judges to help provide an unbiased evaluation of any program. 


Over the years, our network has grown stronger, and year on year, our judges come back to support the community and help find tomorrow's next big innovation, company, or star applicant.

Already a judge?

“It was an awesome experience! 

The greatest learning for me was the fact that historically disadvantaged people are experiencing similar challenges in starting their ventures in gaining access all over the world!”

YouNoodle Judge

“YouNoodle is at the entryway to innovation. Not only in the products and services that come through the program, but the pure passion of the people that are taking a chance on their dreams. As a judge, to be involved in that process and hearing their stories and maybe helping guide them, is not only exciting but reinvigorates my spirit in people’s aspirations for something better.”

YouNoodle Judge

"I find YouNoodle very easy to use. There is ample opportunity to provide important feedback to the applicants. It's easy to go back and change your feedback and change scores if you feel the need. It's perfect for any business plan competition.”

YouNoodle Judge

60,000+ judges

On YouNoodle

3,800+ judging panels

On YouNoodle

5,000,000+ data points

across all evaluation rounds

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