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We are excited to announce that our network continues to expand, and has grown to include 95,000 entrepreneurs, from Chile to China, with representation from 84% of countries around the world. We've also received over 230,000 pieces of individual judging feedback and more than one million judging scores for those entrepreneurs in our network. We're excited to keep powering the global startup revolution by providing entrepreneurs and startups with competitions and opportunities that offer cash prizes, access to funding and mentorship for their businesses - resources that make it easier to build and scale a startup.



Growing the global entrepreneurship network through competitions

YouNoodle has built a fast-track engine for entrepreneurs, where performance in competitions opens doors. Unlike other startup networks, all YouNoodle startups are evaluated by locally appointed expert judges, and only shortlisted for other opportunities if they do well. Founders get global validation, investors can focus on top talent, and corporations may find unexpected new business partners. Our job is to make the startup ecosystem focus on the right opportunities: startups with global potential. MORE

Meet Lab4U: Putting a lab in your pocket

Today, everything can be found in your pocket. Whether you want to know the weather or learn a new language, your mobile device serves as an essential tool for today. Founded by a passionate team of Chilean scientists, engineers, and students, Lab4U gives you a lab in your pocket. 



A snapshot of the top 1,000 female entrepreneurs from YouNoodle-supported competitions

As YouNoodle reported in its study YN1K about its most passionate and talented startups, winning competitions is how startups live well and prosper. This has also proven to be true for the top 1,000 female-founded startups on YouNoodle. In its subsequent study, YouNoodle took an unprecedented look at women’s role in the global startup ecosystem. Called YN1Kwomen, it is an inside look at our top 1,000 female-founded startups, selected from over 24,267 entries across 224 YouNoodle-powered competitions that were judged from April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014 by 2,942 judges. Among other exciting findings, YN1K illustrates that amongst female-funded startups, the average age is 29, women dominate specific industries, and those with a higher education have more startup success. Check out a summary infographic below.

View the 1K Women Infographic
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Through hundreds of competitions and challenges, YouNoodle allows entrepreneurs to be recognized, get expert feedback on how to scale, and access coveted opportunities. YouNoodle has a local foundation and a global reach that creates a unique network of opportunity for startups.


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Who is innovating in your industry? The Brief delivers profiles of 10 startups working to shake up your business. Our global network of early stage startups and entrepreneurs will give you the insight you need to stay ahead of the curve. Delivered monthly because the landscape is always changing.