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No one likes being on the outside looking in.
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The Nuts and BoltsTell us three simple points about you and we'll open up a world of opportunity.

How it works

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Networking á la YouNoodle

We believe that the best way to connect founders to opportunities is to understand which field you are in, what your next step is, and what entrepreneurial role you prefer.

This is why YouNoodle is built to be uber-simple, highly international, and, we hope, an inspiring discovery engine for entrepreneurs. We want to deliver what current career and investment matching websites aren't giving you, in the most interactive and fun way possible! Whether you are looking for your next co-founder, experienced advisor, or big competition prize tailored to your field or technology, we hope the journey begins with us.


You might know YouNoodle through our widely used Podium platform, that manages the entrepreneurial selection process for organizations like Amazon, Start-Up Chile, The Next Web, IBM, Intel, NASA and competitions at seven out of the top ten universities in the worldTHE'12.

At YouNoodle, we believe in bringing back meritocracy to the world of startups and allowing the most talented individuals and innovative companies, regardless of connections or influence, to rise to the top. To see if Podium is right for your competition or selection process, visit or schedule a demo today.

Build something with us

YouNoodle is built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. It's a place where you can discover and be discovered while sharing your startup dreams with friends, investors, and the world. You can use YouNoodle on any platform you like: browse on the go on your mobile device, share your ideas with friends on Facebook, flip through startups on your tablet, or integrate it as part of your entrepreneurship group, club, or website. Just ask us how, and we'll help you plug your project in.

We would love to see what you can do with YouNoodle. We have a pipeline of exciting stuff coming up, including event and investor tools, networking across languages, and a developer's API. If you want to help us build out the global entrepreneurial ecosystem, we would love to hear from you.