Meet Lab4U: Putting a lab in your pocket

Today, everything can be found in your pocket. Whether you want to know the weather or learn a new language, your mobile device serves as an essential tool for today. Founded by a passionate team of Chilean scientists, engineers, and students, Lab4U gives you a lab in your pocket. 

ShowKit : Going Mobile With Customer Service

When you have an issue with a product or service, contacting customer support via phone always feels like the last resort. ShowKit’s goal is to power customer support inside every mobile app. Similar to Amazon's "Mayday" solution, ShowKit is a customizable customer support SDK and platform with the ability to be integrated into any mobile application. ShowKit allows any developer to add in-app video chat, screen sharing, and co-navigation to any mobile application.


Riding your bike to work can easily become a monotonous daily chore that gets you from point A to point B. However, there’s no need to worry, as three bicycle enthusiasts are hoping to change the bike riding experience for those that love to commute on two wheels.

Meet Teddy, the baby-friendly huggable doctor's assistant?

For any child, a trip to the hospital can be a traumatic experience. The hospital is filled with tools and instruments that often deter children from cooperating during their visit. Even at home, taking a child's temperature and vitals can be a lengthy and laborious process.


For most, the chance encounter of an unsuspecting man and an apple will constantly define the mysterious phenomenon of gravity. However, one startup is abundantly aware of the enlightening effect gravity can have.


As the first YN1K startup to be featured, Argentinean Sk8trakr turns passion into business for 3 bright skateboarders.

“We do it for the freedom it gives you. Once you’re on a board you stop caring about the things in your mind and focus on the moment. You just grab your board and no one can stop you. It just happens.”